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Posted by karaliemiller on November 8, 2006

A lot of people asked me if I’d already gotten my immunizations before I left home, but PC told me not to get them because I would get them at Staging. So yay here I am, and I am going to get a ton of immunizations tomorrow. I am so excited. Does it show? Ok but seriously, tomorrow is going to be the busiest day ever. Check out of the hotel super early, get a bunch of shots, quick lunch, and then it’s off to the airport for the longest flight of my life thus far. Busy, busy, busy. Since today was my last night in the U.S. for a while, I made sure to get an awesome cake/chocolate/ice cream dessert. That should help with the shots tomorrow. When I figure out how, I’ll let you know. :)

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The adventure begins…

Posted by karaliemiller on November 7, 2006

Hi everybody!!! I made it to Washington D.C. this morning, and I am now officially a trainee! There are about 67 people in my group all going to Namibia, split almost evenly between health and education volunteers. I met a lot of great people today from all over the U.S., and I am proud to be a part of this group. We all came to the hotel in the same boat (not literally a boat)…not knowing anyone but ready to go to Africa.

I won’t know exactly where I will be stationed, what type of science I will be teaching, or really anything else that will happen when I get there, but it will come. Peace Corps definitely teaches patience from the very beginning. What I do know is that I leave for Johannesburg, South Africa, at 5 p.m. on Wednesday.  I am excited, and luckily they will be keeping me very busy for the next few weeks. I know I will get homesick at times, but it helps to know that I have a couple of great support groups…the one building here and the one already set at home.

Mom and me cutting the cakeThe three of us

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Thank you, thank you, thank you

Posted by karaliemiller on November 6, 2006

In about 10 hours, I will be getting on a plane and heading for Washington, D.C.  I cannot say “thank you” enough to everyone who helped me get ready to leave.  I want to thank everyone so much for the gifts, the handy gadgets, good ideas, and suggestions.  Thank you to everyone who went to lunch or dinner with me, or came to say good-bye at my party.  Thanks for all the thoughts, calls, well-wishes, and prayers.  Thanks for the hugs.  I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to all my family and friends who have been with me so far on my journey.  Just know that I am thinking of you, I love you, and I will do my best to make you proud.     

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Faux Holidays

Posted by karaliemiller on October 31, 2006

Since I am leaving on November 6 (that’s Monday!!), I am going to miss all the big holidays…Thankgiving, my birthday, Christmas. (That’s just the order and not necessarily importance…if I was to list by importance, obviously my birthday would go first…HA!) I am a huge fan of the holidays, so my Mom brought the holidays to me early. My family had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, carved a pumpkin for Halloween (even though I’m here for that one), and yesterday my Mom and I watched The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, one of our favorite Christmas movies. It was awesome.

The Jack-O-LanternThanksgiving Feast

Happy Halloween!!!!

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Chicago Marathon

Posted by karaliemiller on October 24, 2006

This weekend, I went to Chicago to watch my best friend run in the Chicago Marathon. I wish I had pictures of him during the race, but I didn’t see him during the race, and he was too far away to get a good picture at the finish line since he was coming in with hordes of the 40,000 people who ran in the race. So here are pictures from us walking around the city of Chicago the day before the marathon.

At the park in ChicagoRoommateschicago-marathon-10-22-06-034.jpg

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Staging Kit

Posted by karaliemiller on October 23, 2006

My Staging kit arrived on Friday, October 20.  It had some more paperwork to fill out, but the good new is that now I know how I am getting to Namibia!  I’ll be leaving on Monday, November 6, at 10:20 a.m. for Washington D.C.  I will be there for 2 days for Staging, and then I leave for Johannesburg, South Africa, on November 8 at 5 p.m.  I will stay in Johannesburg overnight, and the next day take a flight to Windhoek, Namibia.  Still no word on where I will have training…I should learn that during Staging. 

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A letter from Kenya!!

Posted by karaliemiller on October 12, 2006

Today, I got a letter in the mail from my friend Brian in Kenya. He is serving in the Peace Corps as an SED/ICT volunteer (small business development and computers and stuff). He is living with a family consisting of parents and two children, one of whom is in love with him.  :) The other child is handicapped and has lots of problems, but the rest of the family takes care of her and doesn’t think twice about it. It sounds like he is really enjoying being over there. He’s walking a lot everyday, and said he is probably going to lose weight without trying. Lucky. I can’t believe that soon I will be in Africa too, although Namibia is about as far from Kenya as the U.S. east coast to the west coast.

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Last day at the HAC

Posted by karaliemiller on September 29, 2006

Today was my last day working at the vet. I woke up nervous this morning because work ending can only mean one thing….I’ll be leaving soon. That’s a good thing, and I’m excited, but it was sad to leave my job today. Working there has been the best job I’ve ever had (thus far, anyway). Everyone was in a good mood today, and they got me a cake and a really nice card with notes from everybody. I even got flowers ;). Now I have 5 weeks to spend with friends and family, and do some serious packing.

My leaving work cake
My cake. The fingerprint wasn’t a mistake. Way to go, Pam.

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Posted by karaliemiller on September 27, 2006

I have never been a teacher before. I have been helping out with classes to get some teaching experience before I leave, but I’m pretty sure there’s a huge difference between being a teaching assistant and a real teacher. That’s ok though, as long as they take me.

Tomorrow, I will be teaching a Modern Genetics class at good ol’ BU. My lecture is about DNA replication, transcription, and translation, 3 topics very near and dear to me after 4 years of bio. As often as I hear it though, I still love it every time. I guess that either makes me a huge nerd or in the right field. Maybe both.

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Posted by karaliemiller on September 12, 2006

This is my cat. She is a monster. My sister is keeping her for me while I am in Namibia. She is going to miss me terribly because I like to torture her (hehehe..not really) and she loves it.

Zilla the Monster!

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